About Us:

Where are you based?

We’re based in Loughton, Essex.
Most of our work will take place in and around central London.

Who do you represent and what work do you do?

We represent kids aged 0 to 18 for Photographic, Commercial, TV and Film work.
We carefully select and actively scout kids for their talents, character and creativity as well as their looks.

Our kids must live within 1 hour of London (unless selected for a specific skill)

Are you a sole agency?

Yes – this means that if you’re on our books you can’t be signed with another agency at the same time. If you ever want to leave, that’s easily done by giving written notice of 1 month. We hope you’d want to stay though!
We feel that by being sole agency we’ll have something unique to offer our clients. Many agencies are not very selective about who they accept.
When kids are signed with multiple agencies, they are submitted for the same job by several agencies. This takes up time of the person selecting the talent and one agency can blend into another.
When we put our kids forward for a job our clients know they won’t be found anywhere else.

My child has been scouted, what does this mean?

Please take a look at this page for a full explanation.

How to Join Our Tribe:

How do we apply?

Please contact us via our ‘Join Us’ page

Before applying please take note of the following:

  • Applicants must live within 1 hour of central London
  • Most castings will be mid-week after school.
    They will often be arranged at very short notice.
  • Most jobs will take place Mon-Fri during school hours.
  • A parent/guardian/licenced chaperone must accompany a child at all times.

Please only send natural photographs – photos of children wearing makeup, hats, sunglasses, dummies etc will NOT be considered.
We like to see natural hair. Please do not add any filters to your photographs.

Due to the high number of applications, we consider all applications on a monthly basis. The results will be announced in the first week of each month.
If your child is not offered a contract you are very welcome to re-apply in 6 months as our requirements change regularly.

Do I need to buy a portfolio?

We do not require that you book a portfolio shoot with ourselves BUT we must insist that all photos on our website are of a professional level.

We do offer a discounted portfolio shoot at our Loughton studio, this will provide everything that is needed to create a profile.
This costs £99 and you will get to keep your entire portfolio selection of 10 images supplied via digital download - there are no hidden costs.

Alternatively, you are very welcome to send photos taken by another photographer or we will accept your own photos BUT we must insist that the photos are of a high standard and in keeping with our top of the range website and booking system.

Please just remember that these are the photos that will potentially be seen by clients who could be booking for Next or Boden so we want your child's profile to be the best it can!

Are there any joining fees?

There is no actual fee to join us, but we do charge £50 per year per child for the creation of a fully searchable profile and a year's hosting on our website. To spread the cost, we also have the option of a  one-off £15 set-up fee followed by £4 monthly payments. So we can represent your child for less than £1 per week.
You are able to cancel either payment method at any time by simply giving us 1 months notice.

Do you accept everyone that applies?

No – there are many reasons that we may not invite a child to sign with the agency.

Please do not feel upset, we can only accept a certain number of each "look" for each age group. It would be easy to say yes to everyone, but we aim to balance internal competition which means our models will have a higher chance of getting work.   

Please also note that any photos with filters added or of children wearing makeup, hats, sunglasses, dummies etc will not be considered - we love to see natural photos of your child with their hair and features clear to see.  

Finally, we also ask that you live within 1 hour of central London

If you have not been accepted you are very welcome to re-apply in 6 months as our requirements change regularly.

Can we sign up for weekends and school holidays only?

The kids on our books will mainly be offered work that takes place during school hours – applicants should be willing to work mid-week and be flexible to attend castings at short notice.
We do accept (a limited number of) children who can not work during school hours for exceptional circumstances.
Parents or a licensed chaperone will need to accompany a child at all times.

Once Signed:

How often will my child work?

Unfortunately, this is impossible to answer.
We would love to guarantee work for all of our tribe. We can submit our kids for appropriate jobs, but ultimately it’s up to the casting directors, clients and photographers to make these decisions.

What can my child expect to earn?

This info is purely a guide and jobs are negotiated on an individual basis, but earnings range from:

£50 per hour
£150-£350 per day
Depending on final usage an additional payout, known as a ‘buyout’ applies to TV commercial and photographic work and can range from £100’s to several £1000’s.

What do the agency take from this?

The Agency commission rate is 25% for all work undertaken.

How often should portfolio photographs and measurements be updated?

We do not insist on professional photographs,  but we must insist that all images on our website are of a very high standard. We require updates at the following intervals:

0-6 months – Monthly
6-18 months – Every 3 months
18 months-5 years – Every 6 months
Over 5s – Once a year, or sooner if changes ie hair cut/missing teeth.
Adults – Yearly.

How do I edit my child’s measurements and photographs?

Click here to edit your child’s measurements and photos.